梅飞雪 Feixue Mei is an artist, illustrator, and designer from China and based in Missouri, US. Her creative practice and research have been recognized by Printed Matter's Art Book Fairs, Singapore Art Book Fair, American Illustration (AI-AP), JIA Illustration Award, International Design Awards (IDA), Graphis, Creative Quarterly, Indigo Design Awards, Popular Culture Association, Transformative Works and Cultures, and more. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including US, UK, Europe and Asia. She holds an MFA in Design with a concentration in Visual Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University, a BFA in Graphic Design from Colorado State University, and a BFA in Visual Communications from Central China Normal University. Now she is an Assistant Professor in Graphic Design at Northwest Missouri State University.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated by pop culture, social media, cultural adaptation, and identity formation. My work explores publications, illustrations, sequential arts, videos, installations, and performances. With a strong desire to communicate, I believe in Maximalism - the philosophy of “more is more.” Life is complicated; we have many identities when we grow up. Those identities and labels interact, struggle and fight with others and finally tell who we are. The usage of contrasting colors, illustration of multiple subjects, and narration of a long story all resemble my belief and introduce a world to the audience where they can forget their stress and own new identity.

Other places to catch her: Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube. She loves to collaborate and any opportunities!

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